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About Us

Located in Spokane, Washington, Hi-Rel Laboratories is an independently owned and operated corporation, whose main concentration of activity is in the evaluation of micro-electronic components used in the commercial, aerospace and defense industries.

Our company was founded in 1968 to provide technical services to authenticate rare coins. These services, based on E-beam microanalysis found ready acceptance by the materials-oriented portion of the aerospace community. Within five years and with the urging of TRW and Hughes Aircraft the lab changed its focus to a new and burgeoning field of evaluating microelectronic components called Destructive Physical Analysis (DPA).  As DPA became more accepted and commonplace within the aerospace and defense sectors, customer needs for support in ancillary areas grew.  This resulted in the formation of additional groups within the lab for Electronics Failure Analysis, Materials Analysis and Upgrade Services.     


Today the lab is recognized as the industry leader in DPA testing and is widely utilized by our customers as an unbiased source for helping to resolve high visibility component failures and production processing issues which can affect production schedules and reliability goals.  To remain at the forefront, Hi-Rel staff members are active in working groups defining DPA requirements and participants, both as attendees and presenters, in industry symposia and conferences.   

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