Schedule of Services


Hi-Rel Laboratories specializes in the solution of process, production and application problems requiring knowledge and experience in such diverse fields as microelectronics and materials technology.

In order to support these efforts, the Laboratory maintains the instrumentation required to obtain data with which to formulate a model of the problem and its solution.

The following lists routine laboratory service fees by instrument or task. Custom pricing for definitive programs will be Quoted on Request.

The normal work day, Monday through Friday, commences at 7:00 am and ends at 4:00 pm with a one hour lunch break.

Work through lunch, after 4:00 pm, prior to 7:00 am, or on weekends is performed at 1 and 1/2 times normal rate. Requests for priority scheduling (RUSH) results in a 50% additional rescheduling charge.

Normal Scheduling provides for work to be completed in 15 working days. Minimum laboratory billing is $150. For 2 to 3 working day turnaround (when possible), there is an 100% additional charge.

Subcontracted Services

Any analysis required by a Customer that must be sent to a subcontractor will be charged the subcontractor’s charge plus 50% (minimum $75).

Instrument Time

Instrument Type

First Hour

Additional Hours

Half Day

Full Day

C-SAM $225 $200  –  –
Real Time X-Ray $225 $200  –  –
3D-CT X-Ray $400 $400
Scanning Electron Microscope (Includes SEM Photography)
SEM + EDXA (Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy) $200 $150 $600 $1200
FT-IR (Fourier Transform Infra Red) $200 $150 $600 $1200
Focused Ion Beam Sectioning $400 $350  –  –
Optical Microscopy $125 $100 $400 $800
EDXRF $225 $200  –  –

Labor Rate (Field)

Employee Level


Half Day

Full Day

Corporate Officer
Portal-to-Portal, Plus Expenses
$350  –  –

Senior Staff Level

Minimum 1/2 day, plus $0.50 per mile, Portal-to-Portal, Plus Expenses

$300 $1000 $2000

Labor Rate (Standard)

Employee Level


Half Day

Full Day

Senior Staff Level $250  –  –
 Staff Level $200  –  –
 Technician $150  –  –
Customer Present and Observing/Directing Analysis Lab Rate  – $1500 (min) $3000 (min)

Destructive Physical Analysis

Electronic Components

DPA as referenced here is that series of tests and inspections currently required to qualify a component’s quality on a lot-to-lot basis. For a semiconductor, this routinely includes:

External Visual Delid
External PMA Internal PMA
PIND Internal Visual
Radiography Bond Pull
Hermiticity SEM
RGA Die Shear

All of the above tasks are usually performed to appropriate Military Specifications. Prices are based on the particular specification referenced and can include those detailed by Boeing, Northrop Grumman, DOD, NASA, or Lockheed Martin. For general pricing purposes, typical prices for a 5 piece sample lot DPA to MIL-STD-1580B w/CHANGE 3 requirements are listed below for various components.

Component Type


Transistors* $1375**
Glass Diodes $700
Capacitors $710
Magnetics (Inductor/Transformer) $810
Relays $2500
Integrated Circuits* $1100
Thermistors $710
Crystals* $750
Resistors $650
Fuses $810
Connectors $1180 (2 Piece Lot)

Prohibited Materials Analysis (PMA) is included in pricing above per MIL-STD-1580B w/CHANGE 3 for one piece. Cost is $125 for each additional sample (for all but Relays and Hybrids).

*Pricing for QML/QPL devices only.

**Cross-section now required – Cost $550 is included in price above.

SEM Metallization Inspection

MIL-STD-883 Method 2018 or MIL-STD-750 Method 2077, all samples photodocumented, with etching included. (Cost per sample.)

Die Type

Single Level

Dual Level

Triple Level

Four Level

Transistors** $100 $125 (GaAs FET)  –  –
Integrated Circuit $125 $175 $225 $275

**Cross-section now required – Add $550/lot charge.

Microelectronics Failure Analysis

A basic guide line of pricing for analysis, based on 1 to 3 failed devices and a known good device for comparison, is as follows:

Component Type


Diodes $2200
Passives $2200
Transistors $2300
Small Scale Integrated Circuits $2500
Large Scale Interated Circuits $3000
Magnetics (Coils, Relays, Etc.) $2500

The prices will be based on Failure Analysis time billed at $200 per hour and are based on past history. Occasionally the analysis will be of such a unique nature that it will entail more extensive efforts. These prices will be quoted at the time noted.


If possible, the following information should be included with the failed part or parts:

– Nature of the failure and results of any preliminary failure verification

– The conditions surrounding the failure, i.e. initial test, burn-in, field failure, high or low temperature, etc.

– The specification or data sheet to which the part was being purchased.

– A schematic of the application circuit in which the part was being used.

– The name and telephone extension of the cognizant engineer or other technical contact with the customers organization.

– Special testing, such as voltage contrast and EBIC, as required billed at instrument and engineer labor rates.

Metallurgy and Materials Analytical Services

Analysis of metals and materials related components and systems which require Engineering and diagnostic interpretation will be billed on a two tier cost basis.

Minimum charge for materials or metallurgical failure analysis will be $1250 and will be Quoted on Request. The final price will be a total of all the laboratory services performed and the Engineering and Reporting charges needed to complete the process.


Materialography/Cross-Section Charges (Includes Documentation)

Cross-Sectional Area Diameter (mils)

First Plane

Additional Planes



Larger than 5* $350 $175  –  –
2 to 5 $375 $200  –  –
.5 to 2 $400 $250  –  –
Less than .5 $500 $350  –  –
Ceramic Devices Additional Cost  –  – $100 $250


*Large or unusual devices quoted on Request.

Package Construction Analysis

Includes cross-section, SEM, X-ray Spectroscopy of materials, Optical documentation in a detailed report with interpretation of data in a formal report: Starts at $2000


Stand-Alone Prohibited Materials Analysis (PMA)

Starts at $125 minimum


Printed Wiring Boards

Dye and Pry analysis for Ball Grid Array (BGA)

Starts at $175 minimum (dependent on BGA size).

Multilayer Boards

PTH quality verification to IPC-A-600 Rev H plating thickness and quality determination and written and photographic documentation of same and any rejectable hole construction details.

Two cross-sections “X”+”Y”: $700


Visible Light Microsopy



Analytical Visible Light Microscopy (VLM) $200 per hour
VLM operation and interpretation by a senior member of the technical staff under the customer’s direction $100 minimum
VLM, routine: operation by the technician under the customer’s direction $150 per hour, $75 minimum


Semiconductor Cross-Sections (Includes SEM Documentation)

Based on step coverage and contacts size:


First Plane
(> 3 microns)

Additional Planes
(> 3 microns)

First Plane
(< 3 microns)

Additional Planes
(< 3 microns)

Silicon and GaAs $550 $350  $750 $500
Silicon on Sapphire $750 $375  $900 $425



Particle retrieval and identification of up to 3 particles per device:

Parts Per Lot

Cost (ea)

First $550
2 to 5 $400
6 or more $350
Report $100




First Part

Additional Parts of Same Composition

Plastic Modules $200 $150
Plastic IC’s (DIL B Novalak Plastics) $100 $85
LASER Ablation $150 $125

Upgrade Services




Real Time X-Ray Radiography (Fein Focus) $225 minimum Quoted on Request (for upgraded screening)
3D-CT X-Ray $400 per hour Quoted on Request
P.I.N.D. $185 setup + $1.25 per sample Quoted on Request
Hermeticity Testing (Fine and Gross Leak/CHLD) $185 minimum Quoted on Request
Dot Identification $185 minimum Quoted on Request