Failure Analysis

Hi-Rel Laboratories has over 40 years experience in performing root cause failure analysis of electrical and electronic components. From passive components like resistors, inductors and capacitors to transistors, integrated circuits and hybrids.

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Destructive Physical Analysis

The largest activity in the laboratory is the performance of DPA Testing for a wide variety of commercial, civil, and military space programs. Hi-Rel was the first commercial test lab in the U.S. to perform DPA testing in a support role to “in house” OEM Laboratories beginning in 1972.

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Material Analysis

Hi-Rel specializes in evaluating microelectronic and associated materials processing anomalies. Using proven analytical techniques such as metallography, light and scanning electron optics with energy dispersive spectroscopy, we can isolate and solve your materials related issues.

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Upgrade Services

Hi-Rel offers non-electrical testing upgrade services including P.I.N.D., Radiography (wet film and Real Time), Hermeticity testing, and Dot Marking. All operations are carried out in our 100% ESD protected (flooring, humidity, wrist straps, etc.) expansion.

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